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Here's a collection of articles written by Finale users. All the instructions and suggestions are those of the authors. If you want to suggest changes, contact them directly, or submit an article of your own. The contributors and host of this site take no responsibility for anything at all!

Tuplets with Simple Entry 2.pdf

Two Songs on One Page (Print Music).pdf

PrintMusic Chords Cheat Sheet.pdf

Hiding Staves in PrintMusic.pdf


Multiple songs on one page (Finale).pdf

Multiple Movements or Songs in the Same File (Finale).pdf

Converting Finale files to PDF  (link)

Creating elisions in Finale (link)

Creating an Elision In PrintMusic (Windows).pdf

Creating an F Horn Staff with No Key Signature.pdf


Doubling (or Halving) Note Durations.pdf



Page format and scaling.pdf


Adding a new instrument.pdf

Missing Fonts (Macintosh).pdf

Creating PDFs_on_Mac OSX.pdf

Mac Preference File Help.pdf

Creating a 4 Bar Repeat.mus

Rhythmic Hits 2.pdf

Foreign Languages in Finale (Windows).pdf

X-notehead in PrintMusic (Windows).pdf

VST Installation and Management Strategies.pdf